Atalanta Foods Case Study
Atalanta Foods Case Study

Case Study

Atalanta Foods

Elizabeth, NJ

When there are multiple insurance policies, written through separate insurance companies, AND coverage limits that are applied to specific causes of loss this can make for a rather difficult and challenging scenario. That is exactly what Atalanta Corporation, of Elizabeth, NJ, was facing in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

Atalanta Corporation, a food brokerage facility, suffered extensive damages from Superstorm Sandy, in October of 2012. The facility not only sustained damage from over 3 feet of floodwaters, but also from Wind and Fire as well. Atalanta quickly turned to the experts at NFA to assist them in the handling of their complex insurance claims.

Atalanta’s primary insurance company argued that the “Proximate Cause of Loss” was flood, and therefore the Flood Policy Limit would only apply. NFA combated the insurance company’s position on “Proximate Cause of Loss” and applicable Coverage Limits. NFA was successful in their arguments and was able to recover in excess of the Flood Policy Limit.

NFA then faced challenges with the insurance carrier who insured Atalanta’s cargo. The insurance carrier attempted to argue that again, only the Flood Policy Limit would be applicable. NFA objected to their position and was, once again, successful in their arguments, allowing the insured to be able to recover significantly over the Flood Policy Limit.

In addition to assisting Atalanta recover well in excess of the Policy Limits that two insurance carriers were attempting to apply, NFA was also able to recover the full value of Atalanta’s commercial flood policy, written through the National Flood Insurance Program.

NFA, and its team of dedicated and hard working adjusters, took all the insurance carriers head-on in their efforts to get the insured “every-penny” they were entitled to under all insurance polices and was successful in settling Atalanta Corporation’s insurance claims for all it was entitled to receive.