Frequently Asked Questions

Residential & Condo - Typical Questions That Arise After Suffering a Loss

Establishing the Proper Replacement Cost for the Building

Replacement cost means, how much it would cost for you replace the item that was damaged TODAY, with like, kind and quality. But, what if you cannot replace an item that was damaged (ie. Historic home, antiques, items that are no longer in production)? How is a monetary value determined for those items?

How to Establish the Correct Actual Cash Value?

Actual Cash value equals the Replacement Cost minus Depreciation…this is why determining the proper Replacement Cost is extremely important.

Insurance Limits and Under-Insured?

Insurance limits vary greatly depending on your policy. Within a typically policy there are a number of Endorsements that may be added, that could raise your recovery limit in excess of the policy limit stated with your Declaration page.

Radio Show Discussing Complex Insurance Claims

Greg Serio - Former Superintendent - NYS Insurance Department
Greg Serio - Former Superintendent - NYS Insurance Department
Ronald J. Papa - President NFA
Ronald J. Papa - President NFA

Is Debris Removal Extra and in Excess of my Policy Limit?

Debris removal is the necessary expense to clean-up/remove debris after a covered peril.

For example: Tree falls on your house…your insurance will cover the costs to remove tree from your home (lay on ground), however, there may be a limit as far as the costs to cut the tree and haul away.

Depending on your policy debris removal may be included within your policy limit, or you maybe entitled to recover in excess of your policy limit. Having an knowledgeable professional review your policy and explain your coverages could be one of the best decisions you make….NFA offers this review at absolutely No Cost or obligation.

Valuation of Fixtures and Equipment, Personal Property?

What if I rent my apartment, or live in a Condo…what am I responsible for?

Do I have Inflation Guard?

Inflation guard is a provision that can automatically increase coverage limits periodically throughout the term of the policy. It is often computed by a specific formula.

Do I have Increased Code of Construction coverage, due to Building Codes and Ordinances?

Code Coverage can be added to your policy, but is not always included within a standard insurance policy. If you suffer a loss and are now required to bring your building up to code (electrical/sprinkler system), your insurance may cover these additional costs, but limitations may apply.

How are Additional Living Expenses (ALE) Determined?

These expenses are charges covered by a homeowner’s policies over and above the policyholder’s customary living expenses. ALE is generally applied when the policyholder needs temporary shelter, after a covered peril has made their home/apartment uninhabitable. These expenses may include; Hotel rooms, temporary apartment/housing, Restaurant meals, furniture rentals, additional mileage to work, ect). If part of your dwelling is held for rental, the rental loss may also be covered under this portion on your policy.

These are just a few of the number of questions NFA can help you with. Every loss is different and each policy can have any number of provisions that may provide additional coverage, or take coverage away. The best thing for you to do is call NFA immediately after you suffer a loss.