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Sound The Alarm - Media Kick Off Event

A disaster does NOT plan ahead…but You certainly Can! And in order to do so, you must be prepared…which is where the SOUND THE ALARM campaign comes into action.


Preparedness is best achieved in a duel line approach….Tools, the smoke alarms, and Knowledge, creating a feasible escape plan for you and your entire family. Most people are unaware, but should a fire break out in your home, you have only 2 minutes (or less) to safely escape.


The SOUND THE ALARM Campaign provides you with both the Tools and Knowledge to achieve this by:

  1. Install smoke alarms, checking batteries of existing units, and making sure they are installed properly.
  2. Creating a feasible escape plan in order to get you and your family to safety…you only have 2 minutes, sometimes less.



  • Do you have an escape plan in place in which you and your entire family can safely evacuate in UNDER 2 MINTES??
  • Do your children know what to do, should a fire break out?
  • Do you have a meeting place outside?

If the Answer is NO to any of the above, then PLEASE call or visit the American Red Cross website TODAY, to request an appointment…and don’t forget to tell your neighbor’s!


NFA is truly honored to be a Regional Sponsor of the American Red Cross’ SOUND THE ALARM campaign, along with National Grid and the additional support of Senator Timothy Kennedy, Senator Patrick Gallivan, Assemblyman Angleo Morinello, Representative Chris Collins, and the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County.
Every smoke alarm and escape plan put into action, is one more life that is saved. With both of these in hand, you more than double your family’s chances of escaping a fire without incident.
Schedule your appointment TODAY…tomorrow could be too late.